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Pretty sure that me and like maybe 100,000 other people have been belting/silently singing in our minds/quietly mutter-singing “where’s your mother, fall down dead, dirty mind, dirty mouth, pretty little head” for the past 24 hours or so…

As far as Cecil's appearance goes, there's never been any description beyond what we hear in Sandstorm. ('Not short or tall, not thin or fat, two eyes, hair.) The writers seem intent on keeping him purposely vague. And despite what some people on tumblr say, having a white Cecil headcanon is *not* inherently racist. For other characters, Dana, Tamika, and Carlos are all confirmed poc. The names are usually a clue (Coach al-Muzaheed, for ex.) otherwise, it's open to interpretation.


I’m white and thus my opinion on the issue is far less valid than the opinion of a POC - but the issue as I understand it is far more to do with how the oversaturation of whiteness in Cecil headcanons is indicative of a larger problem where individuals are defaulting a faceless character to white, and despite the fact that most artists are aware of POC criticising this, not many are doing anything to challenge it. A faceless character whose appearance is left up to the fans is a pretty good opportunity to challenge the problem of widespread whiteness and to create POC representation - why pass that up? 

I think it’s also important to think pretty hard about what’s been going on recently in the fandom - i.e. a qpoc has been harassed out of the fandom by means of death threats and deliberate suicide triggers (relevant links), and there are white supremacists with the aim of intimidating POC invading and spamming tags which were set up as safe spaces for POC with racism. I feel like the priority here should be making the fandom as safe a space for POC as possible. The fact that people are silent when there is rampant racism and deliberate harassment in the fandom but leap up to defend their white headcanons at every opportunity shows some pretty skewed priorities, imo. I see wayyyy more posts in the main tag coddling white people who want to protect their headcanons on a day-to-day basis than I do people actively trying to turn the fandom into somewhere POC can feel safe. Feels like a lot of misspent energy to me.

Just as a final note, the three-eyed Cecil which you mention in this post - I’m fairly certain that sticking a third eye on a white guy is pretty culturally appropriative in most cases.  


reminder to the wtnv fandom to drop an e-mail to reporting these urls for spamming tags including the pocecil tag with white supremacy and racism


good artists who decide to work with eminem


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Welcome to Night Vale 45: A Story About Them

Eliza Rickman - Pretty Little Head

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My dash is quiet…too quiet…*looks around like Aragorn*

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"You’re so nice and you’re so smart.
You’re such a good friend, I have to break your heart.
I’ll tell you that I love you, then I’ll tear your world apart;
just pretend I didn’t tear your world apart…”


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